Thursday, February 25, 2010

Animal Pics and Tales!

We love sharing photos of some of our SIS readers. Behold the three cuddly cuties belonging to Chris and Wendy Behrens.
Meet Tempy!

Meet Reese!
Meet Isis!

Aren't they precious? And here's a funny story Chris shared with us on the main SIS page. Enjoy. We know we did!

We have three cats (Reese, Tempest and Isis), and their favorite toy is a laser pointer. They just love chasing the little red dot around the apartment and Isis, our youngest, has a bad habit of forgetting her surroundings when she's after the dot. One night she chased it up onto the back of the couch and took a flying leap at it. She would have caught it if it weren't for the wall behind the couch which abruptly halted the chase as she slid down it with all four limbs outstretched and quickly disappeared behind the couch. Of course she was okay or I wouldn't be telling this story.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Reasons Pets are Good for Kids

SIS recently received a lovely email from Jeff Howard, a blogger at pointing out that we have a common interest--animals! Specifically homeless animals and, like those at Adopt-a-Pet, we highly support adopting from a shelter.

Every now and then we'll post links to to Adopt-a-Pet's blog because hey, there's some great info over there! Take this one for instance... one of particular interest to SIS Barb/Elle who's trying to talk hubby into bringing a dog into the family.

Click over and check this out: 10 Reasons Pets are Good for Kids!

SIS Beth