Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Wish List

As most of you know I don't have any pets. Sad isn't it. I was raised surrounded and I mean surrounded by animals. Horses, dogs, cats, chickens, goats. You name it, we had it. My husband on the other hand only had a cat. Hence, he's not a big animal person. We have 2 children and I think they, we, would benefit from having a dog. Therein lies my battle to win a dog. I have a couple on my wish list but this big guy is the main one.

The breed is known by a couple different names. Cane Corso (pronounced like the name Connie), Italian Mastiff, Italian Molosso and Cane Corso Italiano. Everything I've read about this breed amazes me. From their docile nature to their role as guardian of the family.

This is the dog for me.

Many people in the states crop their ears, giving them an intimidating look. I much prefer their natural state, their Italian state.

Wish me luck!

~~SIS Barb~~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

'Tales' from Brooks

Eight weeks old, having just arrived at their new home, Shadow and Whiskers haven't
ventured outside of their carrier yet. They have no idea of the adventures that await them.
Within the next couple of hours they came out and timidly looked around, then elected to
spend the night under the bed. A couple of days later they hadn't left the bedroom and I
was beginning to wonder how to get them to expand their boundaries. What was it that
our previous cat, Lydia, couldn't resist? Ahhh, the laser light! That did the trick. They
followed it out into the hallway without hesitation. Retiring the laser light, I watched them
turn the hallway into a racetrack. Such joyous abandon. Inside of six days, they owned
the house. Now if I can just get them to pay the mortgage.
Shadow and Whiskers, two wonderous male kitties born on June 18, 2009
More to comere to come, I'm sure. Happy to join all of you animal lovers.
More to come!
Submitted by Brooks Conner

Friday, August 28, 2009

What Would You Be?

If you could be / had to be an animal...which would you choose? For me, that answer is simple.

Wild Mustangs

~~SIS Barb~~

Nice Hair

This photo was taken at the Indiana State Fair. I took it because if my son's hair was white, it would look exactly like this. His hair is mega curly but dark brown. I usually call him a monkey, perhaps he's really a sheep!

~~SIS Barb~~

A Unique Vacation

Yearning for a unique vacation? Wide open spaces and lots of love? If you're not afraid of a little hard work, interacting with animals... If you want to make a difference while having a lot of fun... then I have the place for you!
I learned about the volunteer program at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary from a regular patron at our library. She and her niece spend two weeks there every year showering love and attention on homeless animals from all over the country. They've made it a tradition. She always comes back energized and with a boodle of amazing stories. Click here to read about fantastic adventure!

SIS Beth

Channeling Jane Austen

Last Halloween (2008), we dressed in costume at the library. I chose a Regency ensemble that I had made several years ago for a special event at Romantic Times Convention. I went as Jane Austen! When I came home I asked Steve to take a picture of me with Billie and Cheyenne. I so adore those old portraits of a 'lady and her dog'. Our modern house in the background spoiled the effect, and Billie and Cheyenne were distracted by passersby, but I still love the picture. One for my scrapbook!

SIS Beth

Queen Billie

Ooh! I guess I get to be the first contributer! I'd like to share a picture of Billie. We adopted her from a rescue mission when she was two-yrs-old. Her previous owner had neglected her horribly. Maybe that's why she was so receptive and wanting of our love. Billie was with us for 14-yrs! That means she made it to the age of 16! That's pretty old for a dog.

Billie was an affectionate soul with a stubborn and free spirit. Sometimes we called 'Queen Billie'. Sadly, we lost our beautiful girl in the spring of 2009 after a fierce battlle with Cancer plus the effects old age has own a dog's bones and joints. However, she lives in our hearts and runs like the wind just over Rainbow Bridge.
Long live the Queen!
~~SIS Beth