Friday, August 28, 2009

Queen Billie

Ooh! I guess I get to be the first contributer! I'd like to share a picture of Billie. We adopted her from a rescue mission when she was two-yrs-old. Her previous owner had neglected her horribly. Maybe that's why she was so receptive and wanting of our love. Billie was with us for 14-yrs! That means she made it to the age of 16! That's pretty old for a dog.

Billie was an affectionate soul with a stubborn and free spirit. Sometimes we called 'Queen Billie'. Sadly, we lost our beautiful girl in the spring of 2009 after a fierce battlle with Cancer plus the effects old age has own a dog's bones and joints. However, she lives in our hearts and runs like the wind just over Rainbow Bridge.
Long live the Queen!
~~SIS Beth


  1. Billie was awesome and "Drama" and "Comedy" talk about her all the time. Sad that she is gone but she filled all with wonderful memories!

    Thanks for sharing her pics!

    SIS Barb