Saturday, August 29, 2009

'Tales' from Brooks

Eight weeks old, having just arrived at their new home, Shadow and Whiskers haven't
ventured outside of their carrier yet. They have no idea of the adventures that await them.
Within the next couple of hours they came out and timidly looked around, then elected to
spend the night under the bed. A couple of days later they hadn't left the bedroom and I
was beginning to wonder how to get them to expand their boundaries. What was it that
our previous cat, Lydia, couldn't resist? Ahhh, the laser light! That did the trick. They
followed it out into the hallway without hesitation. Retiring the laser light, I watched them
turn the hallway into a racetrack. Such joyous abandon. Inside of six days, they owned
the house. Now if I can just get them to pay the mortgage.
Shadow and Whiskers, two wonderous male kitties born on June 18, 2009
More to comere to come, I'm sure. Happy to join all of you animal lovers.
More to come!
Submitted by Brooks Conner


  1. Oh, Brooks! Shadow and Whiskers are ADORABLE! I can just see them chasing that laser light! (Sadie likes that, too) And then racing all over and discovering wonderous and fun places in their new home. Lydia is smiling down on you and Barbara and your new furry friends. Best to you all! Oh, and send more pics and tales anytime. We love them!

    SIS Beth

  2. A laser light for kitties to chase! That's something I'd never thought of... These kitties are adorable and this looks like a wonderful blog.

  3. Kandy,

    My husband shines the laser light all over the floor... then he'll stop and let it wiggle in one little space. Our cat stalks then chases it like a mouse! She's even jumped halfway up the wall to try to catch it. It's great fun for a cat, plus it gives them some exercise!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the furry love. If you'd like to share any animal pics or tales, we'll happily post them here for you. Just email us at:

    Happy Tales!
    SIS Beth

  4. Brooks,

    Are Shadow and Whiskers brothers? Where did you find them?

    SIS Beth

  5. Hi Kandy,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. We really do have a blast here at SIS. I hope you'll visit often. Please email us with photos of your pets or pics of your favorite animals.

    SIS Barb

  6. Hi Beth,

    Yes, Shadow and Whiskers are brothers. I found them through a local classified paper called the Mail Bag. They were born in a dockside home in Waretown, NJ and kept in one bedroom from birth to when I picked them up.

    The foster humans were delighted that I took both of them because they didn't want to see them separated. They sure do belong together.

    BTW, I can't see the photo on the blog. Is is just me?


  7. Brooks,

    I've been able to see it every time til just now. I think the problem will correct itself. If not I'll repost it.

    ~~SIS Barb

  8. Brooks,

    How fabulous that you were able to give both brothers a home. Yay! I bet they cuddle and play like crazy. Can't wait to meet them someday!

    BTW, there was a glitch with the photo. Don't know why it disappeared. But I reloaded it. They're so cute! Looking forward to more pics and tales!

    SIS Beth