Saturday, September 19, 2009


Our family grew up with horses. Well, not with them, but they were always around. When I was a kid, we had several. I had my own pony. Her name was Topsy-Turvy and I showed her in 4-H. I even won some ribbons!

Later, I graduated to horses. I remember the first time a horse reared--with me on it! I fell off and wrenched my wrist. I also remember the first time a horse bit me. And when one tried to kick me. But mostly my memories are fond ones.

I. Love. Horses.

That said, I haven't been around them in years. Haven't ridden in eons! So, unlike my sister Barb--a fantastic horseman--I was a tad nervous when we went riding in the mountins on our recent trip to Wyoming.

Luckily, my mount, Jack, was a doll. Although he did jump a creek instead of walking down into it. But I held on and stayed on! I was so proud.

Barb was a pro. She even helped the wrangle saddle our horses!

We had a grand week long adventure, but I have to say, that horse back ride was a highlight for me. Such magnificent animals. To share that moment with my sister was a huge treat! Did I mention, I love horses?

SIS Beth


  1. Beth didn't mention the rodeo moment we witnessed at the tail end of our ride. I tried really hard not to laugh!

    SIS Barb

  2. Does rodeo moment mean what I think it does?

    Beautiful horses; beautiful sisters; beautiful mountain scenery. I'm really happy for you guys having that experience together.