Friday, September 11, 2009

A Wild Beauty

So yesterday, after spending about 10 hours at Yellowstone National Park, we were making the 2 hour drive back to our hotel. I admit, I was speeding even though there are signs everywhere not to because of all the wild animals. However, we were ravenous and there are no restaurants between the park and our hotel. Anyway, we're cruising down this hill when we see a ton of cars parked on the side of the road. Another NO NO. They have what are called turnouts and you're supposed to use those, but there wasn't one and we knew they must be looking at something, so I slammed on the brakes, skid in the gravel, grabbed the camera and hopped out.

This is what we saw. So beautiful, so solitaire, so amazing. We've seen a number of wild animals since we've arrived and we'll share them all with you, but this is the closest we've come...yet!


  1. What a rare sighting! How close were you exactly? Were you using a telephoto lens?

    That's a GREAT shot!

  2. Hey Brooks! I did have a telephoto lens but I would say we were only about 20-30 ft away. It was great.

    SIS Barb

  3. AGAIN! THAT IS SOOOOOOO FRICKIN' COOOOOOL!! (but, it's "solitary," not "solitaire.") I annoy SO many people with my ability/obnoxious habit of finding misspellings and bad grammar (my Mom's fault!! LOL), and if you see one in one of my posts, rest ASSURED it drives me NUTS that I can't EDIT postings to your page!!!! BUT, point is -- I need work/money --- need a diligent proofreader?;)
    AWESOME photos! Consider this -- taking pictures yourselves for your books! Not posed (too easy;-)!), but wandering around your town with a camera looking for/just NOTICING folks acting in ways your CHARACTERS happen to be in your writings! Be sure to carry release forms;)!!