Tuesday, September 1, 2009

'Tales' from Brooks

Well, Shadow and Whiskers are having a great time, being here just a little over two weeks. At ten weeks old they are incredibly smart, they learn so fast, this is the time to instill good habits.

I saw them lying side by side, touching, on the back of a sofa one day gazing out the window. They turned their heads in tandem to look at me as I came down the stairs. Darn it, the camera wasn't ready and I missed the shot! But that incredible picture of brotherly love is etched in my memory. I keep the camera with me and powered up when I go down the stairs now, hoping to catch a repeat of that scene while they're still young.

But as you can see, they gave me another gift... a photo op... an actual session. Feast your
eyes on Pots O' Kitties. Shadow is in the pot with the avocado tree and Whiskers is in the
pot where the citronella used to reside. Don't worry, they're using their litter box. And then on the next go around, they must have known what I wanted to see, two peas in a pot.

I love these guys. They're getting used to the lap and we're bonding. : )

Shadows and Whiskers in the forest.

Shadows and Whiskers in the pot.

Submitted by Brooks C

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  1. Could they be any cuter?? Thanks so much for sharing, Brooks. I loved the tale and the pics. One of my favorite sights in when I see my pets curled up together. Mine aren't related, but they've sure got sister love in their hearts!

    SIS Beth